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Finally I got the ball rolling and by some miracle people started shedding clothing and I was immersed into a colourful sea of fine art work. At certain points of the day, I didn't know whom to ask to photograph next.

was rather good. And to round off the day we had the band, The Arrival.

Whilst on my travels I was fortunate to catch a glimpse of the man and mighty fine side boards of John Andenon. This guy won the Best Newcomer Award at last year's Peterlee show, and it's no surprises why. He was working on a 'flamingo eating brains' piece (it's the only way to describe it!), which was so bright and bold it was literally jumping out of the skin. With tight lines and delicate but simple layout, this piece just worked perfectly. I love tattoos which make you smile through humour, and this one was subtle, but it had me smiling a lot whilst photographing it.

Another guy's work who I became rather interested in over the course of the day was Mark from Marked for Life, I had a lot of his work through the studio and I was rather impressed. Again a good colour artist whose work is completely removed from the colour work of John Anderton, Mark uses muted colour, which adds a certain feel to his tattoos, regardless of subject matter, which compliments his roots within painting. I get the impression that Mark tries to bend his arm to many styles of tattooing, whilst adding in his own little touches, for example some of the work I saw by ; included, a huge Tibetan Skull back

Delicate Blossom Bird TattooTattoo Bend ArmDelicate Blossom Bird Tattoo

piece, a delicate bird and blossom piece (done on the day) and an amazing back piece in progress of a T-rex, which I am really looking forward to see finished. Not bad considering the guy has only had his shop open just over a year!

The photography studio was constantly abuzz with people and I had a great time photographing all the work, here are some highlights of work photographed on the day.

Andrew by Ronnie Goddard; I watched tliis black and grey piece progress tliroughout the day, and I was very impressed with what Ronnie was laying down along with his portfolio of work. Although still relatively new to the scene this guy has some outstanding black and grey pieces to his name. Looking through his work he makes good use of negative space and fresh skin, alongside a very delicate use of tonal shade which in my eyes works really well.

Ceri by Adi; over the past few months I have started to become interested in traditional Owl tattoos, I love this piece on Ceri. Combining traditional lines, tone and colour, Adi has added in a lovely shaded rose in bright pink on a smooth blue background, another good piece and another cracking artist out of Thou Art in Sheffield.

Kirsty by Red; this was Red's first convention outing alongside mentor; Mel, and she has defiantly hit the ground running with some of her tattoos. Staying with Dark Circle, Damen by Mel, this Child clown by Mel's own admission isn't in his typical style, but lie has nailed this very striking and colourful tattoo!

Zinty by Darrun Sharpe, although not done 011 the day, I really like this O

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