Mark uses muted colour, which adds a certain feel to his tattoos, regardless of subject matter, complimenting his roots within painting.

piece, ok 1 am a Tim Burton fan but hey, sue me! I love this tattoo of the Corpse Bride and it really captures the essence of the film, let there be more awesome Tim Burton inspired tattoos 1

As the buz 2 of machines slowly died off with only a couple of hardcore tattooists working away finishing off pieces, the presentations of awards was all that was left before the mass pack up and a few cheeky drinks to top off a hard days work. This year's Peterlee show for me was a really good way to kick off my tattoo year, with a lot of tattoo fans and newbie's alike enjoying the relaxed atmosphere of the show and credit must be given to Eddie, Trudy and their team for providing a well organised and well run convention, I like this show and in the short time I have worked for Skin Deep, it keeps getting better and better. Roll on the 9th Peterlee Tattoo Arts Festival! ^

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