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ax: 01449 766122 Email:

[email protected]

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2 Cambridge Rd

Hastings Town Centre East Sussex tel:01424 433571

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j Utile Sister 1, 2, 3, 5 Irom £299, ¡Merlins £299. SES 2000's Jf- Prestige and Instaclaves! ■I Ail with safety test reports .J Also Dentist Chairs from £199, Lights and Couches ah plus von

Telephone - 07826 6I2528 / 07771 871347 email - [email protected] www.merimedicai.co.uk

Tel: □1S5B qBi53i/cnqauimajq

Tel: □1S5B qBi53i/cnqauimajq

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