is piano-playing Canadian with a lust for wandering, talks about her tattoos, and their connection to her eclectic heritage.

Deach has plans for more ink and living in Vancouver, she finds that the tattoo scene is strong and vibrant, although the same old stigmas haunt those who work with visible ink and many have to cover

_]_ UP or get frowned upon. When she eventually finishes with her travels. Peach wants to teach piano and Fin certain that she will be one of the most colourful piano teachers in Canada!

birthday, which is when you no longer need parental consent in Canada. I actually found this random drawing in a science fiction magazine in art class. I'd cut it out about 2 years earlier and held on to it ever since, so I knew that I wanted it for sure. It says FANTASY when you look at it upright and upside down it says REALITY.

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