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Tommy Lee Wendtner

4t me of what it must have been like back in the early fifties when musicians and singers ail went oil tour together in a succession of big old greyhound busses, only this time the 'Great American Tattoo Tour' had hit town via the airport,

Andy must have some influence to get such a healthy list of transatlantic artists over considering the difficulties many foreign tattooists are having these days with over zealous customs officials. Not forgetting his own countrymen, Andy had invited a sizeable amount of home grown talent in the shapes of Andy Engel, Tommy Lee Wendtner, Miss Wioo from All Style Tattoo, Wine Lives Tattoos and many more; there were close to forty Artists working from Germany and many more from other countries including Holland,

Sweden, France Japan, Italy, Singapore and Russia, with the UK being represented by Bez and Ash.

Later, in the afternoon there was a pin striping exhibition with a scooter and a BMW motorbike getting the paint treatment. This drew a pretty big crowd, as did the many other trade stalls selling jewellery, clothing, magazines, books and gifts. The rooms started to fill up not long after half five. I assume that this was due with many liking to wear the clothes and listen to the music; but in Germany, it is HUGE. Nine out of ten men walking around the venue either sported a quiff, huge turnups and/or a work sliirt; the lady's wore the big multilayered dresses or again, jeans with turnups that you could hide a small child in, and fifties style hairdos. I felt like I had gone back in time a few decades. It was as though the sixties had never happened!

As Friday came to an end, several of the big name artists held seminars for those not working the show but wanting to further their careers and techniques.

from other countries including Holland,

to folk leaving work for the weekend. As the throng of tattoo machines continued, on stage was the, by now, regular art fusion, with three canvases and three artists all sharing the stage to create a collaborative piece of art.

Now I know in the UK there is quite a resurgence of the fifties/rockabilly music and style entering the convention scene

Along with the look was the music. This set the tone for the entire weekend. Rock N Roll and Rockabilly music accompanied the tattooists from the moment the doors opened until they shut late in the evening. I can put up with a bit of both styles of music but after three days I wanted to stick pencils in my ears; even some of the Americans 1 spoke to said they

Tatouage Explosion

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