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Dear Neil,

I was very interested and shocked to read your editorial in the April edition of Skin Deep. I say interested as you always give a good view of what is going on in the tattoo industry, I find your opinion unbiased and usually

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similar to any views I would have myself on the situation.

I was shocked to see you write that anyone with enough cash to setup a studio and show it's clean can start tattooing on the public, now that I think about it, it makes sense but when reading your article the reality of the situation settled in my thoughts, and I thought "this is why there are so many poor quality tattoo's around today".

I understand fully that some artists feel the industry can be self-regulating. And I believe it can, but I feel this self-regulation can only really apply to artists already established and respected. These new Yah-hoo's setting up shops left right and center I don't feel personally that they deserve to be included in a self-regulation category. With my personal view on tattoo's, 1 feel that if someone wants a piece of tribal, that's fine, no problem, just go to a half decent artist that can give you something more than the tribal that any other man or woman has on the street. I appreciate that some people do like to follow the crowds and do want a piece of generic tribal because they want to be the same as others. But even these people if maybe they were not so naive to a well done tattoo, then they would look into the artist they want to do their piece and choose the appropriate artist.

If there was some regulation to be integrated (like you suggest) I think this could be nothing but a benefit to the industry and would help future bodies from getting poor tattoo's they are bound to regret. 1 would like to set up some sort of petition or possibly a Facebook group to gain awareness to this matter. I wanted to get in touch with you to get your opinion, if it would be worth the hassle? Witli being the editor of the biggest tattoo based magazine in the UK I value your ideas. Kind Regards, Nick

Hi Nick,

Thanks tor your views and comments. There have been several petitions set up in the past but many, although well represented, have fallen on deaf ears (the government and if! some cases, the industry itself). There does seem to be a strange apathy when it comes to actually doing something about this situation.

Please feel free to suggest a course of action, I'll be right behind you. Cheers, Neil


Hi Skin Deep,

I've never written into a magazine before but felt I had to correct (I think it's this guy) William

Weil in issue 181 (Feb) when he spoke about the Dublin Tattoo convention. I understand that his report of it was very upbeat and positive, however, two things really irked me. At one part he made us Irish out to be booze hounds quoting Tn true Irish spirit, a large bat', this is forgivable, we do hke to drink, as do you guysl

But what really got my goat was Ills comment when he said the convention pulled people from all over the country, as well as many traveling from the mainland to show support...' 'Mainland?' What mainland does he speak of? Maybe if you live in Northern Ireland there are some who call the UK the 'mainland' but not one single Irish person form IRELAND, the separate country he needed his passport to get into, would call the UK 'the mainland'.

Please, please, get your facts right. I'm sure he annoyed a few people over this flippant comment. I know, he means no harm at all, I am awate it is just a slip up. The funny thing is I never read the magazine, my hubby is a tattoo artist so I generally flick through the pages, but I was interested in what was said about the convention, being from Dublin 'IRELAND' (yes, you get it now, I know!).

Phew, rant over Think I need a drink...

Emma i I

= THE AlFl/u2016

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