Breanne Birdsong

Breanne got a job as a receptionist in a tattoo-studio in St. Joe, MI when she was 15. During her 2-Vi year stint there she learned the basics and then landed a job at Body Armor in 2006, where she's apprenticing to become a tattoo-artist. Now 21 years of age she's tattooing on a weekly basis.

"As of now, I'm apprenticing and would like to be well-rounded in all styles of tattooing; however I do favour realism, portraits and vivid organic art-forms. It's so inspiring to work with all the guys in here, I'm so lucky to be surrounded by such skilled artists and to have Jack mentoring me is nearly too good to be true."

Breanne illegally copying my books and selling them at knock-off prices. It saddens me knowing there are people like that out there - what did I ever do to them? That they're stealing from me is one thing but what's worse is that the quality of the illegal copies is really bad, which could seriously harm my reputation as an artist. I have worked so hard to get to where I am today with 9 published books in less than 7 years! Having said that, I am currently sketching my 10th book, it'll be a 50-page book on Foo-dogs and Phoenixes. When

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