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how they are the main proving grounds for up and coming artists, and Peteriee falls neatly into this category, as well as being an established show with a good reputation and attendance record.

This year the 8th Peteriee show was no exception with a good line up of artists and a bustling crowd spilling into both rooms as soon as the doors were opened. Compared to previous years there was a renewed atmosphere about the 2010 show, probably down to the fact spring was in the air and there seemed to be a feeling that this year was going to be different. With a wealth of convention stalwarts like Bob Hoyle, Rob Doubtfire, Carl 'Cooky' Cooke, Gary Wiedenhof and Ryan Da vies working, this year's show were lesser-known artists like Mark from Marked for Life, Ronnie Goddard from Blood Sweat and Pain, Red from Dark Circle and John Anderton from Nemesis Tattoo. This wealth of lesser-known artists was a comfort as they all are from the surrounding Peteriee area and this restores my faith that the level of quality tattoo artists in the Northeast is finally growing stronger and more varied.

I was slightly worried though, albeit the weather was bright and sunny it was bitingly cold and windy and the leisure centre creaked and moaned as little drafts whipped through its halls and corridors.

The Peteriee Tattoo Arts Festival is a show which over the past few years has become my first show of a busy convention calendar and I always make the effort, whether I am working or not, to go along and see what's what, i ... .^ssaoammnsf >zm

Due to the drop in temperature, a lot of folk were wrapped up and not displaying much inky goodness. Finally I got the ball rolling and by some miracle people started shedding clothing and I was immersed into a colourful sea of fine art work. At certain points of the day, I didn't know whom to ask to photograph next, which is always great but very frustrating at the same time! At least all this running around meant I was in the main convention hall a lot and was able to keep tabs on some particularly fine artwork in progress. Yet not in there long enough to get annoyed with the volume of the music (my only moan!)

Throughout the day we where treated to some entertainment in the form of solo singer Shannon who belted out a lot of classic rock covers which was cool. Keeping the outside queue amused in the early afternoon was a stilt walking fire eater who also performed a sideshow act that I sadly missed, but I heard O

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