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The drivel sat still behmd his dark aviator glasses, passing occasional comments whilst lightly drumming his fingers on the steering wheel. The sun shone brightly through the windscreen, bathing the occupants in the greenhouse warmth of its rays recharging and awakening them,.to had lost an hour's sleep through no fault ot their own. The tyres ate up the few short miles to their destination deep m the heart of County Durham and m no time at all they disembarked from the , little black car, safely delivered at the I doors of the Pete ilea tattoo convention. 1 The Peterlee Tattoo Arts Festival is a show which over the past few years has become my first show of a busy convention calendar and 1 always make the effort whether I am wording or not, to go along and see what's what. As I am based m the North East, Peterlee is a great show to discover hidden gems from vny local area Towards the back of the last tattoo

"earUend to get spoiled rotten by shows like Tattoo Jam and London, with their wealth of National and International dermal wizardry. My last show of 2009

was Coventry and I mentioned about the importance of grassroots shows and

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