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The August issue of Savage (No. 102 ) is coming at you tike a typical August fireball! Besides our assortment of the hottest tattooed and pierced people on the planet, we're showcasing the talents of the srtists from Charlie's House of Tattoos, in SoCal; The Tattoo Factory in Chicago; and some fun with piercer ftab Hill. We'll jet out to Colorado Springs, Colorado, for their annual expo and talk tatoos and music with the band Acacia Strain. Newsstand buyers get a special mini-mag of our favorite special: Sarage Couples, as well as a fold out 3-month calendar! Read this issue 'ti! the pages fall off, then run right out and get the next one before they're all gone! On SaleJune 30.2009

Spaulding Tattoo World


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Spaulding Tattoo World

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