Ladies, I have some bad news for you and your nose. Scientists are now claiming that the next alternative to Viagra will be the smell of rotten eggs. That's right, the smell of rotting eggs is apparently arousing to men. Before every guy reading this starts removing their egg cartons from the fridge and putting them out in the sun, it is more likely this info will be used to formulate something in a pill form. Hydrogen sulphide, the gas that creates the distinctive smell of eggs gone rogue, it has been discovered, to be released in small traces from nerve cells when men get excited. Those researching ways to revive men's limp noodles look at this as the first step leading to the next magic Willie pill. Now if only they could develop a better aspirin to cure the headaches of all the wives of these soon to be boner happy dudes.

Perfect Tattoo

Perfect Tattoo

Ever Wanted to Get a Tattoo? Here is a Priceless Guide on How to Choose the Perfect Tattoo! Do you ever find yourself admiring the artistic work of another person’s tattoo? Do you wish you had the nerve to get one of your own but just aren’t sure you know enough about them to take that final step?

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