A man was taken into custody after being found passed out on the floor of a 92-year-old woman—wearing a pair of her Depends. Talk about a really crappy crime The man, in his late 20s, was partying all night and, at some point found himself wandering lost in the woods and having to take a piss. Somehow, his pants got lost in the act and he stumbled into the octogenarian's house, saw the adult diapers and stole a pair to wear in lieu of his pants. The diapered drunk didn't make it out of her house, however, and instead ended up face down in her shag rug The man, who claimed he hadn't partaken in alcoholic beverages in quite some time, was ordered to pay a fine Nice. It is one thing to steal candy from a baby, but to swipe an elderly person's diapers? That is low.

Tattoo Designs and Becoming a Tattoo Artist

Tattoo Designs and Becoming a Tattoo Artist

If you have any interest in possibly becoming a tattoo artist, this book will give you an inside look. Even if you don't want to become a tattoo artist, it will still give you an inside look at the profession.

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