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May 16-18,2009

Maritime Tattoo Festival Halifax, Nova Scotia The Forum Information:

www. maritimetattoof estiva I. com

May 16-17

Needle Art Convention

Breda, Holland

Inslag Sportcenter


May 29-31

Hell City Tattoo Fest "Let It Bleed" Killumbus, Ohio Hyatt Regency Downtown Hotel Reservations: 614-263-1234 Information:

June 5-7

Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors

New York, New York

Jacob K. Javits Convention



June 19-21

Northern Ink Xposure Toronto, Canada Toronto Hilton Information:

June 26-28

Alamo City Tattoo Show San Antonio, Texas Live Oak Civic Center Information:

July 16-19

APT Tattoo Rendezvous Kansas City, Missouri Embassy Suites, Tiffany Springs Hotel Reservations: 816-891-7788 Information: 407-831-5549

August 14-16

Alberta Bound Tattoo & Arts Festival Calgary, Alberta

The Stampede Round Up Centre Information:

August 21-23

Styrian Tattoo & Hotrod Show

Gleisdorf, Austria

Forum Kloster


+43 3112 60374

August 21-23

Alberta Bound

Tattoo & Arts Festival

Edmonton, Alberta

The Shaw Conference Centre


September 4-6

Hell City Tattoo Fest "Tattoo Vacation" Phoenix, Arizona Biltmore Resort & Spa Hotel Reservations: 800-950-2575 Information:

September 4-6

Art Tattoo Montreal Montreal, Quebec Gare Windsor Information: 514-525-2025

September 11-13

Moscow Body Art Festival Moscow, Russia Information:

www.moscowbodyartfestival. com

October 2-4

Biggest Tattoo Show On Earth

Las Vegas, Nevada Mandalay Bay Convention Center Information:

October 16-18

Black Hills Tattoo Convention

Rapid City, South Dakota Central States Fair Grounds Information:

October 16-18

Evian Tattoo Show Evian, France Palais des Festivites Information: +33 450.71.51.05 www/

October 24-26

State of Grace Convention of the Tattoo Arts San Jose, California South Hall Information:

October 30-November 1

Meeting of the Marked Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Radisson Hotel Pittsburgh Green Tree Information: 412-531-5319

This is just a small sample of upcoming tattoo shows and conventions. We'd like to include as many events as possible, so if you have one you'd like to see on the list, send us the information 60 to 90 days in advance. Write to Tattoo Times, P.O. Box 3050, Agoura Hills CA 91376.

Savage Profile

Jauqi Pugh

Dirty Birdie

"I figured the only way to truly piss off my mom was to permanently destroy my body with art. It worked! I'm also pretty : sure I've been taken out of my grand-■ ma's will," Jauqi Pugh says with a laugh.

The Pugh clan will most likely be happy to hear that Jauqi—a photographer/ model/bartender from Sanford, Florida-might be coming to the end of her ink pursuit. While she has a few more ideas in mind for her arms and ribs, Jauqi says, "I'm kinda tired of getting tattooed—not gonna lie." Let's pretend we didn't hear that and move on...

Jauqi's tattoo work is based off of stories, life experiences, bands and friendships—and then there's the Alice in Wonderland piece on her left arm (Patrick "The Bear" Dearman, Trinity Tattoos, Longwood, Florida). "It's a demented Alice in Wonderland theme with me as the main character. I love Alice, the video game." The Bear also inked Jauqi's backpiece (a coverup), which is made up of a dragon flying through clouds and kanji. Javier Moreno at Atomic Tattoos in Palm Harbor, Florida, tattooed the severed girl's head with a death moth on her right arm.

"A lot of my work is based on me saying, 'Hey, I'd like this' and my artist making it happen or my artist having a drawing and really wanting to put the piece on someone awesome—like me," she says. Bear is this heartbreaker's main artist, but Jauqi has tried out some other artists whose work she admires. "Since I have such a great relationship with my artist, it makes every time I get tattooed an awesome time. We catch up on daily life and poke fun at the passersby."

Not able to pick just one favorite piece of ink, Jauqi can narrow it down to three: "Freaky Outtie" on the tops of her wrists, the tears on her fingers, and "Moist" on the inside of her mouth. "Moist is the greatest dirty word without actually being a dirty word."

—Anna Mossitee

Heavy Metal Couple TattoosMammen Nuclear Colors TattoosTrinity Savage Lauderdale Bartender

Mark 11 & Carl



Savage Profile

When Carly Dawson and Mark "Bones" first met, she thought he was a "real a**" he thought she was a lesbian. So much for impressions! "We got off to an awkward but eventually all our initial misconceptions straightened out—and here we are!" Carly That's right—this happy couple now owns Bones' Resurrection in Fort Lauderdale, Florida where Bones mans the tattoo machines. By the time you read this, they will have exchanged "I do's" at the Little White Chapel in Vegas.

Sealing the bond between these two is a deep love for tattoos. Bones got recruited at the age of 14 when he saw a tatted-up guy at the bowling alley. "I commented to my mom how cool I thought he looked, and her response to me was, 'Never going to happen.' That was a rebellious turning point where I knew I could really piss off my mom and have something she could never take away from me," he says.

The majority of Carly's pieces are related to her childhood, the influential and important in her life, and her sister, Leanna—who passed away 10 years ago. Every star you see on Carly in memory of her (Leanna's radio name was DJ Stellah). "Her car was struck by a drunk driver in Tampa, Florida. We were really close, and until then, I had never thought of getting a tattoo," Carly says. "I knew getting a tattoo to remember her by was something I would never regret."

Bones, who tattooed the majority of Carly's work, also shows his love for family members through his art. The pacifier inked on his right arm represents his daughter, Haley. "When she was a little girl, she used to suck on her pacifier and tie spit bubbles would form around her mouth," he explains. "It reminds me of her when she just a little baby and how sweet she is."

Bones and Carly say they have manila envelopes full of things they'd like to incorporate into pieces they're planning—if they could only find the time.

"Like the plumber's wife with the leaky toilet, we're always making sure our clients are taken care of first, which often leaves little time for own work," they say. "But that's what business is about—lots of happy clients!"

88 SAVAGE July 2009

Heavy Metal TattoosHeavy Heavy Metal TattoosCorey Miller Six Feet UnderPlumber Making Out With Neighbor WifeSavage Skulls Colors

Will it be pirates, skulls, or adventures on the high seas in the next issue? You'll have to wait until late spring to know for sure, since we really haven't decided yet. Still, you know for sure that there will be a shipload of tattoos and artists for you to check out.

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London Bellman Tattoo


Heavy Metal Tattoos


Check out the color-filled crowd at the Berlin Convention, the fun-loving lads of the UK's Bring Me The Horizon, and the motley crews at Corey Miller's Six Feet Under and London Bellman's Atomic Ink. They're all in the next issue of Tattoo.

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