Savage Flash

We pay actual American greenbacks for your original Flash Art.

We know you avant-garde artists take pride in your designs, so now's your chance to get your shit in everyone's face. Any and all styles will be considered: tribal, oriental, traditional, fantasy, or custom, but the more outrageous the better. We prefer color flash, but we'll look at your black-and-white designs as well. We will pay a one-time fee of $75 for full page art, and $25 for less than full page designs that we select and publish in this magazine. Submit only original art that you, personally, have created. We will only accept digital submissions which maintain 2,000 x 3,000 pixel resolution, smaller images can not and will not be printed.

The submission of Flash Art constitutes your certification of authenticity, permission to publish and republish said artwork and your name and any information you provide, worldwide, without restriction, for no additional consideration.

Always include your name and address on each piece of artwork. All submissions fall under Paisano Publications, LLC's guidelines, explained elsewhere in this magazine. Send your art to:

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Perfect Tattoo

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