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Randy Blythe Tattoo Penis

"I got my first tattoo while I was on vacation visiting my very strict Japanese family and came home with hand grenades tattooed on my chest. They were not very happy about that!" recounts Jennifer Martens. The fact that she was only 16 at the time might have added to the family's shock and awe. They couldn't have been too surprised, though, since Jennifer's been into tattoos and piercings ever since she can remember. "I love that you can express who you are and your art through tattoos."

The Palm Coast, Florida, resident makes her statement with the help of traditional and new-school Images that utilize thick lines and bright colors. "I've been around the Navy and military a lot In my life, so I would always see very traditional Sailor Jerry-themed tattoos and whatnot."

The artwork on Jennifer's chest was done by various artists. The koi and lotus on her left upper arm was Inked by Craig Messina at Lonewolf Tattoo in Long Island, New York, the pinup girl on her left forearm was tattooed by Rob Bianco at Lonewolf Tattoo, "Doll Face" on her knuckles was done by Erin at Pensacola Ink in Pensacola, Florida, the Jason Voorhees mask on Jennifer's left forearm was Inked by Scott at Colorfast Studios In Coral Springs, Florida, and the zombie on her right leg was tattooed by Jimmy Bennett at Colorfast Studios.

"It's my fiancé as a zombie and me as a pinup, and underneath it says 'Jen and Ed.' It's my favorite tattoo." Additionally, Jennifer has tattoos done by Will Brown at Psycho Studios in Bossier City, Louisiana, and BJ at Colorfast Studios. She complements all her work with a few choice piercings: belly button, nipples, septum, gauges, and snakebites (she's had them so long, she can't remember who did them).

"I get very comfortable with an artist once they've tattooed me," Jennifer says, "If I like their work, I will stick with them for awhile—but ultimately, I will get work done by other people."

56 SAVAGE July 2009

Pics People Dressed Heavy Metal StyleBelly Piercings FailHeavy Metal PiercingTal Ink Tattoo

60 SAVAGE July 2009

Whether they are spanning the HEI. —^

globe bringing metal to the '

masses, venturing for someone 3

challenge, or dancing tiger-style, \ '

the members of Lamb of God never fail to entertain and have 3 _

fun while doing it. Since the ^ it 2006 release of their fourth stu- ^ „ —

dio album Sacrament, it has |

been a whirlwind of success for I ■

the Richmond, Virginia, natives. ^Jr fl

With numerous Golden God m^r ^^

nominations under their belt, and V ' ' "•rfvr I

even a Grammy nomination for W

Best Metal Performance, the ^^tf^^^B

relentless quintet hasn't just left their mark in the world of metal; 1

they have branded their place in f IJ 1 W r metal history.

We were lucky enough to ^

Ventura, California, last T

December in the midst of their tour with Metallica. As a big fan, there was one specific rumor that I was eager to investigate: did ¿r^ LOG front man, Randy Blythe, really mean to tattoo { ^

a penis and testicles on his right hip? I got the V ^^mmm^* story behind that as well as some insight into the man behind the sick vocals we all scream along to.

So, back to the penis and testicles. According to Randy he was attempting to tattoo a Misfits skull on his right hip. He admits, "It didn't turn out so well. Some people say it resembles a c*ck and balls. I think it kinda looks like a horse's saddle. That was a late night drunken endeavor that didn't turn out so well." Despite the unintentional phallic resemblance, that wasn't the first or the last time Randy inked himself. When he was 14 he gave himself his very first tat during science class. "It's a little India ink moon on my wrist. I used a safety pin tied with thread around it and India ink." Randy's professional ink includes an "EHG" for Eye Hate God, a "COBHC" for the Children of Bodom Hate Crew, a fleur de lis with a skull in it done by Jeremy Justice at Eye Candy, and a Koi on his left forearm by Nami at Three Tides Tattoo in Osaka, Japan.

Our next victim was bassist John Campbell. For John, his first tattoo experience was "Quick and easy. I had become friends with Timothy Hoyer and he gave me my first tattoo. It's a red circle with three 6's in it, ala the mark of the beast from The Omen. I got the tattoo as a personal rejection of religion." John also has Willie Nelson as Jesus on his right forearm and Bob Barker as Vishnu on his left forearm both done by Timothy.

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