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Willie Adler TattooWillie Adler Stomach Tattoo

Another LOG member who has remained loyal to one artist is guitarist Willie Adler. Jesse Keegan at Graffiti's Tattoo in p. Mechanicsville, Virginia, did his right half sleeve. "It was an idea I had years ago when I was in art school in Maryland. It was a painting of 2 trees, both identical but in different surroundings. Daytime and then night; just my interpretation of yin and yang. When I saw what he'd done I was blown away. It wasn't 2 trees but one separated into halves each half representing dark or light. Far better then I had originally pictured. I think it looks pretty damn awesome on my arm." You may also remember Willie getting inked up in the 2005 DVD Killadelphia. He has a plate of fried chicken and mashed potatoes tattooed on his stomach. Since then he's added a red-checkered tablecloth to it. Now, that's a picnic!

Last but not least we can't forget the elder Adler, Chris. The drummer has a wicked biomechanical sleeve. He tells us "It began with Little John in North Carolina, in '92, then Timothy Hoyer in Richmond, Virginia, around 2003.1 then sat wrth Paul Booth in 2005 describing what I wanted. After studying pictures of my arm and musculature he had me back in to begin drawing—so far we're about 14 hours in and there is no end in sight."

Besides his sleeve Danny Flowers in Roanoke, Virginia did his very first tat. "I picked some flash of a beastly skull holding a bomb with a lit fuse. It reminded me of the song 'By Demons Be Driven' by a favorite band of mine at the time, Pantera." As for future ink, Chris says "I think my

--- next one may be the album cover art for Wrath. Classic and

-.' simple." We didn't forget about guitarist Mark Morton. We tj. didn't exclude him from our ink-terview by choice—he just ^ has no ink.

i V % Lamb of God's fifth studio album Wrath has us all mosh-

I : V | i. . ing it up. You can't listen to this album without wanting to .. !' r get the hell up and start knockin'someone around. Fans v "1! are treated to the depth of Randy's aesthetic vocals, head-bangin' double bass drum beats, pounding bass lines, and melodic guitar riffs. Wrath is in-your-face metal that does —

dates hit up their site at I^HK^flKfl www.lamb-of-god.com. * r^B I^H^N —Christina Diaz

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