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For Garreth Papworth, tattoo artist, body piercer and owner of Taboo Tattoo in the United Kingdom, the more bizarre the body ¡f, modification experience, the better. For instance, after seeing a photo of a tattooed . ■{ tongue in a magazine, Garreth had to try it .1 for himself. "I had a mouth full of black ink," he recalls. "It was like tattooing a slippery j eel. It turned out like crap and fell out, but . what the hell? Curiosity got the better of me and I wanted to know what it felt like. I'm laughing now, thinking back."

Then there are the numerous piercings, including an Indl bar in his right ear and the four transdermal implants In his head, all administered by Mac at Punctured & Painted. The former owner of Garreth's shop, George, pierced his tongue (and has done a. large amount of his tattoos), while Garreth took on piercing duties on his own ears, lip, and the web between his left thumb and fin- if ger, which he no longer has. "I had to take it out because It was a pain In the arse to live with. It hurt a lot more than I expected." Speaking of pain, this horror movie and Harley lover paid the price of losing a bet once by getting the sole of his foot tattooed. "Ooooh, I can remember the pain now," Garreth says with a laugh.

While Garreth started out as many others, getting lick-and-stick-type tattoos, he subsequently got serious and designed a full dragon-themed backpiece (Adam, New Tribe, Brlxham, Devon UK) and Is now hooked on Asian stylings. Adam also Inked the two dragons on Garreth's chest, the dragon on his left leg, the tattoo machine on his right calf, the work on his stomach and upper right arm and the two cherries on his left forearm ("It's a simple tattoo, but this is my pride and joy, as it represents my two girls"). Also responsible for his tattoo designs are Danny Fuller in East Sussex, UK and Rod at HotRodz.

"I guess I will never stop getting tattooed," Garreth admits. "I'm always on the lookout for something new."

—Anna Mossitee

42 SAVAGE July 2009

Savage Profile

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