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Editorial Arr.is'jn; Phone Beeoteh

John M Lagana Gilbert Luna, Sr Scott McCoo! Miss HELLvetica Ragnor

Baron Guillaume, Manager Bagel Man, Manager Rusty Blade, Atom Juan Valdez' Donkey Billy Tinney

Curt Lout, Mike Chase, Lesley Slenning, John Covington Rick Hustead

Anna Mossitee, C T Dawg L KaBong, Courtney McKinnon, Haole Berry, Jen Hitchcock Christina Diaz Annette Zarlenga

Director of Advertising Nat i one: Ad. E xec. Advertising £ twentyve Adv. Coa f4ün a tor Advent ring Prod. In-House AcfvwrttailiRU Ad. AdmifJsfmtiorj Phone; 818-889-8740

Tammy Porter John Sullivan Isidro Romero Mandy Dunn

Savannah Bertram, Manager Sylvia Barragan Carolyn Emery FAX: 818-889-5214


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Controller Karen Johnson Accounts Keith Hart. Edith Cace res


Newifand Oisiribuiiori dornest lea IIWI nlerreotloflally Curtis Circula I ion Co., 730 River Baad New Mil lord, NJ 07646

Unusual - Odd - Unique - Macabre pjjMHtmi^ Cool - Amazing - Strange - Sold Extreme - beautiful - Shocking Naughty...

Chairman Vice Chairman Chief Sxee. Officer Prfsic?ni3/COO Ixec. Vuce President V P f fro os i;-ruf / C F O V?-t*70d"JCf»0n

VP'Swbscr.CíTcwlicííton V P-Wed la VP-CvsJiflier Paction* £>--nerci' Counsel

Mark Teresi

Joe Teresi Ellen Teresi John M, Lagana Gilbert Luna, Sr. Beverly Barragan Bob Davis

Cathy Gibson-Eberhardt Cuyler M Gibbons, Jr Dave Nichols Jim Betlach Mark S.Dodge, Esq,


TATTOO SAVAGE (ISSN 1072-8384) Number 101, July 2009 is published nine times a year: January. March. April, June, July, August, October November, December by Poisano Publications, LLC, with corporate offices at 28210 Dorothy Dr, Agoura Hills, CA 91301, 818-889-8740 Periodicals Postage paid at Agouro Hills, CA 91301-2693 and additional mailing offices Copyright 2009 by Paisano Publications, LLC All rights reserved Reprinting in whole or in part is forbidden unless written permission is granted by the publisher, Paisano Publications, LLC All submitted letters, articles, jokes, poems, photos and ortwork ("Submissions") become the properly of Paisano Publications, LLC ("Publisher") The Publisher Is under no obligation lo keep or return any Submissions The Publisher has the unreslricted right to print all or ony portion of Submissions, to edit, print re-print, use. alter or disregard all or any portion of said materials in its sole discretion, in ony medium now or hereafter used by Publisher in connection with Its business operations This includes, but is not limited to, magazines, books, calendars, catalogs, merchandise, advertisements videos, television and Internet oppl¡cations The text of any and all photo captions is at Publisher's sole discretion, and may be fictitious No compensation is payable for letters usage but appropriate attribution may be given (e g your name and city listed) at the sole discretion of the Publisher All Submissions must be exclusive to the Publisher who will provide appropriate credit to the author, photographer or artist of published works, ond will indicate if the same has been excerpted from or materially changed from original content The Publisher will pay for published articles, jokes, poems, photos and artworks at its slandard rates upon publication. Rates can be obtained by calling the editor or photo editor at 818-889-8740 Publisher assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to contributions during transmission to or from publisher nor does publisher assume responsibility for safe keeping of artwork, photographs or editorial material and publisher does not pay holding fees

POSTMASTER: Send address changes to SAVAGE PO Box 422425, Palm Coast, FL 32142-2425 Subscription Price: US and U S possessions: 1 yr (9 issues) S27 95, 2 yrs (18 issues) S47 95 Canada and foreign add S20 per year (US funds only) Six to eight weeks notice is required on all changes of address Please include current mailing label information with all correspondence For Subscription order or problems moil to: SAVAGE Subscriptions, PO Box 422425, Palm Coast, FL 32142-2425

The publisher is exempt from the record keeping requirements and disclosure statements mandated by 18 U-S Code §2257(a) through (c) ond the pertinent Regulations, 28 c F.R, Ch i, part 75 since all of such material falls within the definition of exempted material set forth in §75.7(a) (1 -3) of the pertinent Regulations

Subscriber Services 800-873-8805

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