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Heavy Metal Tattos

Mutant Evolution

What is it about superheroes that us love them so? Is it their unwavering bravery, their larger-than-life or their painted-on tights? Whatever reason, our bond with them is at such a young age, they become like imaginary friends to many.

Perhaps that's why audiences are such harsh critics when filmmakers attempt to > bring them to the big screen. There's a lot1 at stake there. For instance, it's a fine line between Christian Bale's Batman and George Clooney's take on the Gotha crime fighter. No one wants his/her ite character to come off as a joke, when it's done right, you end up with an Iron Man or The Dark Knight.

We're sure Rich Banks has some strong opinions on the transference of superheroes from paper to film. The service station manager from Danbury, Connecticut, has them tattooed all over his body. Taking up residence on his right forearm are Wolverine, Colossus, Nightcrawler and The Beast. On his left arm, Rich has Dark Phoenix, Rogue, Storm, Mystique, and Lady Deathstrike. A consummate X-Men fan, he also has Wolverine's gloves tattooed on his hands.

Not all Rich's work is comic book-inspired, however. There are some tried-and-true ink designs as well: skulls on his right shoulder, a vampire skull on his left shoulder and a skull-and-bone band on his right bicep. "I've always loved tattoos—I've been into them my whole life," Rich says. "I got my first one at Tony's Tattooing in Stamford, Connecticut." Not surprisingly, Rich says he draws inspiration for new work from comic books and his own imagination.

Continuing on with his chosen tattoo theme, Rich is planning to have Eric Chapman at Labor of Love Tattoo in Brewster, New York, ink an X-Men chest-piece and backpiece sometime soon. Mutants unite!

Savage Profile

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July 2009 SAVAGE 25

Mixing Ink With Pink Flamingos

With its tropical weather, hungry models, art deco buildings, and Cuban culture, Miami is the perfect playground tor a tattoo expo! South Beach tourists and art enthusiasts alike sunbathed their way over to the Miami Beach Convention Center (or the Miami Tattoo Expo this past January 9 through 11, complete with full body massages, gorgeous burlesque dancers, psychic readings, teeth whitening, hot rods, choppers, lowriders and more and Savage was there to bring you all the art, the antics and the attractions.

Crowds of people were treated to the classic vaudeville performances of Miami's own Shameless Burlesque. Troupe founder Miss Holly Peno and Miss Aurora Natrix entranced onlookers with their sensual shows all weekend long. Adding to the entertainment were a dozen bands including Madball, Evergreen Terrace, Thick As Blood and Jim Jones to name a few. All the while, the 14 tattoo contests kept the show in full swing during intermissions.

Jason Kralovetz TattooMetal Moshing Posters

Besides moshing it up, we did manage to meet some of the local talent. We mingled with Miami tattoo artist and owner of Qcho Placas, Jose Carrera. Jose's shop definitely had the snazziest booth in the building; displaying custom pieces painted and created by the artists in his shop and from around the Miami area. Be sure to check out his full feature in this issue. Who else made an impression? Be sure to check out Pooch, Lome Morris, and Stefano Alcantara. Don't worry we didn't forget the piercers. Our new friend Jason Coale at Bulldog Tattoo Studios was piercing up a storm all weekend long.

For being one of the first events of its kind in South Beach, the show was a big success. The typical Miami resident may not be full-sleeved and mohawked, but the love of art is definitely preva lent in this city. Whether you're a tourist or an art enthusiast we hope to see you there next year.

Check out for more updates and more Info about next year's expo! *

Christina Diaz

July 2009 SAVAGE

July 2009 SAVAGE

Heavy Metal Tattoos

Savage Profile

Taryn Rimer

Recruiters R Us

Tattoos are oftentimes reflections of one's life. Tragic or uplifting, you can see it all played out on skin. There are tattoo enthusiasts who memorialize loved ones and take their work extremely seriously, while others strive to get inked with the most asinine images ever dreamt up in an attempt to lighten the mood . of the universe. Most fall somewhere between the two extremes. However you approach it, we approve—and love it all!

There are a number of points of inspiration that we see over and over again—those who our minions frequently list as the reasons behind why they got their first piece, so we thought it appropriate to establish an unofficial Savage Hall of Fame for them. First off, we'd like to honor all hair-metal-era bands, with honorable mention going to Motley Crue—the aging, well-endowed rockers who back in the day were representing tattoos on MTV, thus corrupting the minds of young children in far-reaching territories. Good job, guys.

Up next are the bikers of the world. You hold the stares of kids in various environments, but especially seem to alter the course of their lives in grocery stores. All it takes is one look at a faded Harley-Davidson tattoo on the arm of a sun-damaged road warrior and they're hooked. We'd hug you, but you need to shower first.

Finally, thank God for all the bad seeds out there who target easily influenced good kids and make them think the only way they'll ever be cool and lose their virginity is to get a tattoo—just like they did. Keep on ruling your neighborhoods with iron fists.

We'd also like to send a shout out to freak show performers, sailors on leave and those who've been incarcerated. We love you, man.

Taryn Rimer? She says her tattoo collection has been inspired by "travels to other areas of the globe." How quaint.

28 SAVAGE July 2009

Thrash Metal TattoosJason Kralovetz

Savage Profile

30 SAVAGE July 2009

Bald men are taking over the world— we're convinced of it. Just take a look around and you'll realize you're surrounded by shiny domes. There once was a time when follicall-challenged men had to either master the art of the comb-over or pretend that they had an obsession with wearing a hat every day. But those times are over, my brothers. More and more, society is not only accepting you, but embracing your brave stance.

The family tree of celebrity baldness can be traced back to Yul Brenner and Kojak, but now there are leading men coming out of the woodwork, such as Jason Statham, Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel, Michael Chlklis, and the man—Samuel L Jackson. We'll see you soon, Jude Law. At Savage, our fearless leader and editor, Scott McCool, is also among the legions of shiny, happy people— and he looks mah-vah-lous.

If you happen to have a friend who is struggling with the "to shave" or "not to shave" conundrum, the answer is always: do it! If you're questioning it, chances are your head's a mess. Do everyone a favor and commit to the shears. There's nothing worse than having a friend who has creepy wisps of hair hanging around upstairs, making them look questionable and scaring kids. And, guys, women love bald heads. They're magnetically drawn to rubbing them like Buddha bellies, so get on with it.

Just dig how cool Jason Kralovetz looks. If you couldn't tell, we were unable to track the tattoo artist down. He was last seen in the Phoenix, Arizona, area, so if you happen to see a blinding light coming from the Southwest, it just might be him. Let us know if you find him.

The Bald And The Beautiful n 1--T111

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