Cocky Crook

Some dude who was obviously the big d*ck on campus, perhaps in more ways than one, broke into a student association office and stole 50 extra large condoms. The either very well-endowed, or delusional little man full of wishful thinking, used some kind of heavy object to bust his way into the offices of Projekt Sex, where he took a tiny amount of cash and of course, the package of gigantic sized condoms. If you know you might get caught thieving love gloves, why would you want to go small? Students who are staff members In the office said the rubber robber went through all of the boxes and specifically emptied only the one containing the extra large size. The program is designed to prevent the spread of STD's, so the group gives away condoms for free during the day, but obviously one stud had a hot date that night, with what he thought was going to be a happy ending.

the clerks as he inched out the door, the super freak was foiled when one of the workers noted the direction he headed and called the police. He Was found (maybe in a phone booth) later, still wearing the cape, with his sword lying on the ground next to the stolen item, which had been opened. He is being held on suspicion of robbery and an outstanding warrant. The fashion police have yet to file charges.

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