A hiking trend especially popular with German visitors is upsetting residents in a Swiss mountain town. Waves of tourists, many from Deutschland, have been arriving to hike the hills naked (probably because it saves them a ton of money rot having to buy expensive active-wear]. This has caused a big stink with the prudish folks in Appenzell* Inn err ho den—who I should mention just gave women the right to vote in 1990—causing them to seek legal means to protect their children from the hikers-in-the-buff's immoral mooning as they huff and puff their way bare-cheeked up the mountain. Any hiker sans clothing is deemed to be a "public nuisance" and charged a fine on the spot. Since being nude means probably not having many pockets in which to keep cash, it is not clear where those caught are holding the money they are using to pay the fines. I think I can say though, those are some Franklins I wouldn't want to handle Talk about dirty money!

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