Choosing a Tattoo Parlor

Choosing the right tattoo parlor is very important, especially when getting your first tattoo. There are many things to consider when choosing a tattoo parlor.

Make sure that the parlor is a place where you feel comfortable and relaxed. Some people have had the experience of joining a friend for their tattooing session so you may already have an idea of a place like this.

Most importantly, the parlor should be clean and professional. Clean is always important when dealing with needles and blood.

The tattoo parlor should be well lit. This is important for a few reasons. The bright, or better yet, natural light is a better way for you and the artist to see the true nature of the colors used and what the tattoo will actually look like. It also makes it easier to feel relaxed knowing that you can see what is going on all around you.

When walking into a tattoo parlor for the first time, don't be afraid to ask questions. Are the needles and other materials one-time use? Will gloves be worn? How long have the artists been tattooing? Are they members of a professional organization?

Be sure that all of the needles are opened in front of you. This will ensure that they haven't been used 15 minutes before you for the person down the street.

If you know of anyone with a tattoo, feel free to ask them where they got it done and if they would recommend the parlor or a particular artist. Tattoo magazines are a good place too. You may find an article or advertisement for one in your area. Also, browse around the internet to find a place.

Remember, this is a permanent investment, be sure to choose the tattoo parlor that is right for you.

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