Wiccan and Pagan Tattoo Motifs

Everything Celtic, angelic, flaming, bony, satanic, druid-like, natural or celestial can comprise a Wiccan or pagan tattoo. Images of Gods or Goddesses or their symbols also comprise the vast array of symbols that represent the many sects to do with these religions.

Pagan Tattoos

The Leaf Man by Tim Hanan www.fleshink.com

Below is a list of common images found in these religions.

The Rose Cross is a very important symbol in the Western Mystery Tradition, originating with the Rosicrucians. It is a holistic symbol incorporating elements of the Kabbalah, alchemy, astrology and esoteric Christianity, among others.

The Eye of Horus is a powerful symbol of protection, health and wisdom from ancient Egypt. It has its origins in the legendary battle between the gods Horus and Set, over Set's murder of Horus' father, the god Osiris.

The symbol of an 'eight on its side' is sometimes known as the lemniscate and is a symbol for infinity, eternity, the numinous and the higher spiritual powers.

Tattoo Leafman

Gray Sun by Sean www.Tattoosbysean.co

The Triquetra is a beautiful symbol of trinities, often encountered in Gothic and Celtic art. It is usually found in Pagan or Christian contexts, but it can be used to represent many three-fold systems.

The Spiral is a common natural form and an ancient mystical symbol. It represents the forces and patterns underlying creation, as well as evolution and self-transformation

Tattos That Represent Transformation

The winged God Mercury by Sean Donovan www.tattoosbysean.com

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