The Healing Process

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Remember to clean and apply fresh ointment to your new tattoo at least twice a day for the prescribed number of days recommended by your tattoo artist. Generally, you'll be told to use the ointment for three days or so. Some tattooists will tell you to do so until the tattoo has scabbed and others until it is healed.

When you stop using the ointment continue to keep the area clean and use a lotion after washing with warm soapy water to keep the tattooed skin soft.

Around the three day point, the new tattoo will start to peel and scab. If there is a great deal of scabbing it means that your tattoo has been poorly inked.

It is normal for the tattoo to look at little bleary or cloudy for a few days as it heals. This is part of the natural healing process and is known as "Onion Skin." You know you are experiencing Onion Skin if the tattoo only looks clear when it is wet.

The key to post-operative care is to keep the tattoo clean and well moisturized. Use the ointment until the wound is healed and then a lotion to help the skin recover its pliability and softness. Don't try to hurry the process in anyway. Let your own body's powerful natural healing abilities follow their own course and all will be well.

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