The Golden Rules of Tattoo After Care

1. If the tattoo itches, don't scratch it. Don't pick at scabs, rub it or press it against your body. You may try to allay the itchy feeling by gently patting the area with the flat side of (your very clean) fingers. Believe it or not it is entirely possible to scratch the ink right out of the tattoo during the first few days of healing!

2. Stay out of the sun. This could cause the tattoo to discolor. A sunburn on top of a tattoo can also be very uncomfortable. Don't apply sunscreen on top of a tattoo. Wear long sleeves instead. After your tattoo has COMPLETELY healed you may apply sunscreen to protect the area and keep it from fading.

3. Avoid salt water. Sun and surf are a tattoo's worst enemies. Salt water can cause a fresh wound to sting as well as leave it vulnerable to infections and fading.

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