Table of Contents

Chapter 1. The Tattoo

♦ Good Reasons To Get a Tattoo

♦ Lousy Reasons To Get a Tattoo

Chapter 2. The History of Tattoos

♦ Primitive Tattoos

♦ Clan Markings

♦ Rites of Passage

♦ Physical Health

♦ Celtic Tattoos

♦ Pilgrim Tattoos

♦ Oriental Tattoos

♦ Sailor and Military Tattoos

♦ Electronic Tattoo Machines

♦ Modern Tattoos

Chapter 3. Styles of Tattoos

♦ Stock and Custom Tattoos

♦ Bigger is Better

♦ The Science of Tattoos

♦ Basic Inking Styles

Chapter 4. Tattoo Motifs & Symbolism

♦ Biomechanical

♦ Bones, Skulls and Skeletons

♦ Butterflies, Insects and Bugs

♦ Cartoons and Animated Characters

♦ Celtic and Irish

♦ Celebrity Tattoos

♦ Celestial Stars, Planets and Suns

♦ Commemorative

♦ Criminal and Prison Tattoos

♦ Demons and Monsters

♦ Eastern Symbols

♦ Fairies, Pixies and Nymphs

♦ Hearts and Love Symbols

♦ Ocean and River Life

♦ Pin Up Girls Good and Evil

♦ Portraits - Realism ♦ Religious -Symbols of Faith & Spirituality

♦ Wiccan and Pagan Tattoo Motifs

Chapter 5. Where To Find Designs

♦ Inspirations From the Heart

♦ Inspiration From Art

♦ Designing Your Tattoo on the Internet

Chapter 6. Choosing A Tattoo Artist

♦ Reputation is all

♦ Don't Expect the Moon and the Stars

♦ Professional Considerations ♦ Assessing the Artist's Practice

♦ Ten Signs You are in the Right Studio

Chapter 7. Getting Inked

♦ Preparing the Canvas

♦ Drawing the Outline ♦ Applying the Color

Chapter 8. Caring For Your Tattoo

♦ Post-Operative Care

♦ The Healing Process

♦ Shaving a Tattoo

♦ The Golden Rules of After Care ♦ Touching Up Your Tattoo

Chapter 9. Tattoo Removal

♦ You're Doomed ♦ Tattoo Removal Technologies and Techniques

Chapter 10. Artist Recommendations

♦ The Professional Alliance of Tattoo Artists

♦ Publisher Recommended Artists

Chapter 11. Resources

♦ Web sites of Interest"/>
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Tattoo Designs and Becoming a Tattoo Artist

Tattoo Designs and Becoming a Tattoo Artist

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