Shaving a Tattoo

If you've had a tattoo applied somewhere you would normally shave like your face or legs, then you must let the tattoo heal fully before you start shaving again. You can shave around the tattoo but, if you do so, make sure that shaving foam, cream or hair doesn't infect the tattoo.

You must leave the tattoo unshaven until the skin above it is entirely healed. If there is any scabbing or peeling, wait a bit longer. When you can't tell the difference between the surrounding area and the flesh around the tattoo, then it's safe to start shaving again. If the surface of the skin around the tattoo looks at all rosy or angry looking avoid taking a razor to it.

Once you've started to shave the area again, make sure to moisturize it thoroughly afterwards as this will help to keep the skin healthy/

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