Preparing the Canvas

Once you're sitting in the chair, the area to be inked is rubbed down with a cleaning solution (usually rubbing alcohol). If the area is hairy, the tattooist will shave a patch of skin a little bigger than the size of the design. Make sure that the tattooist shaves you with a new, disposable razor.

The tattoo artist will then confirm the exact placement of the transfer on your skin. The skin is sometimes moistened with a scream or a swab of roll-on deodorant, which makes the transfer stand out more clearly from the skin. The reverse-image transfer is then pressed and applied to the skin for a couple of minutes.

After the paper is pulled back you should see a bluish outline of your design. Most tattooists will ask you to check in the mirror to make sure the placement of the tattoo is correct. If you do not like the look of the tattoo this is your very last chance to opt out of the situation.

The tattooist will then put on plastic latex gloves and take some time to pour inks from big jugs into small disposable cups called ink caps. He or she will then remove sterilized needles from a sealed autoclave bag and ready other materials to be used for the procedure such as Vaseline and ointments/

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