Fairies Pixies and Nymphs

These mythic creatures that have existed in every culture since before the birth of Christ are especially popular choices for tattoos for women. Most designs find their origins in Celtic or British art.

Tattoos Fairies Pixies

A Dragon Fly Fairy by Enrique Patino Bottino www.artesagrado.com

Images Pixie And Fairy Tattos

A Flower Fairy by Tim Hanan www.artfultattoo.dyns.net

Pixies And Fairies Tattoos


"Fairy Under an Umbrella" by Stacey Sharp www.sharptattoos.com

The most popular fantasy figures are dragons, wizards and unicorns.

Images of wizards, with their long cloaks and white beards are associated with pagan and Celtic magic. Modern versions include images from the Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter.

The Dragon is a potent Celtic, Greek, Roman, Japanese and Chinese symbol of protection. They represent an affinity with the occult and magical powers as well.

Unicorns represent the uniqueness and fragility of the individual and is a tattoo image very much favored by young girls.

Tattoos Fairies And Pixies

A girlish unicorn tattoo by Stacey Sharp www.sharptattoos.com

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