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There are literally thousands of Eastern Religious symbols that find their origins in countries such as China, Japan, Tibet and Thailand.

Perhaps one of the most popular of these symbols is the lotus flower that symbolizes the oneness of being with universal consciousness. The symbol stands for the six syllables of the holiest mantra of Tibetan Buddhism ("OM Mani Padme Hum") together form a very powerful symbol of balance, liberation and enlightenment.

Symbol Lotus Flower

Stock Tattoo of Lotus Flower Found at www.findatattoo.com

Hindu Meditation Symbols

A fiery "custom lotus design by Tim Hanan www.artfultattoo.dyns.net

Another popular symbol is the OM symbol, which consists of many curlicues. The symbol represents is the highest name of God and is the most venerable Hindu symbol of spiritual knowledge. Many traditions use the symbol for meditation, and its corresponding syllables as a powerful mantra.

The Yin-Yang is a dynamic symbol representing the flow and interaction of the two polar energies of male and female whose totality encompasses creation.

An Enso is Japanese 'circle', and is painted in a single brushstroke. It is a Zen symbol of the true nature of existence and enlightenment.

The beauty and antiquity of Chinese Symbols make them attractive for meditative, decorative or talismanic use today. These include Chinese characters such as the "Double Happiness Sign" and the characters that comprise each of the Chinese astrological signs.

Good Luck Symbols Elephant

A Byzantine elephant - an Asian symbol for good luck . Reprinted courtesy of Little Joe www.geocities.com/tat2byjoe

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