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Typing the word "tattoo" into your search engine will bring up scores of sites inviting you to look at what are called flash or stock tattoos, which you can sometimes have for free, or a small fee. These are the same kinds of images that you often see displayed on the walls of a tattoo parlor. The idea is that you can take these templates directly to a tattoo artist and have them replicate the image on your body. Usually the tattoo artist will also personalize the tattoo slightly for you also, either by adding stripes, rays or bars, initials, vines and flowers, flames or other "fill work" that help make the tattoo uniquely yours.

One of the most amazing on-line resources for stock and flash tattoos is which stores about 6,0000 online flash and stock tattoos in its virtual gallery. Below are some examples of the kinds of tattoos you can find at

Stock Tattoos

All of the above images found at

There are also computer programs available that can help you design your own tattoo. One of the best is Symnet, which allows you to create your own tribal custom designs with laser precision in a matter of seconds. You can access this program, which is great for creating custom arm bands and anklet designs at

Another fantastic site that will really get your creative juices going is This little known site allows you to create your own custom tribal tattoo in two minutes or less, even if you have absolutely zero artistic ability. You simply choose a design, customize it and then print it out to take to the tattoo artist.

If your design involves lettering then you might have some fun looking at the hundreds of unusual fonts at These fonts allow you to download all sorts of unusual styles, including the Roman and Gothic lettering that can be so hard to find for free.

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