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If you can't afford a tattoo, than accept your circumstances. Although a tattoo is priceless, it can also be considered to be a form of "beauty treatment." You wouldn't allow a bad hairdresser to butcher your hair, so don't let an affordable tattoo artist brand you for life with a marking that you might dislike.

As with any product, the cost of a tattoo varies from artist to artist. Popular or award winning artists will always charge more than inexperienced artists.

The cheapest tattoo is a flash or stock tattoo. These are the designs that you find hanging on the walls of the studio, parlor or (traditionally) the barber shop wall. Artists usually charge a flat rate for their flash designs, but this, of course is dependent on the size of the design and the amount of color that is used to saturate it. In general you can expect to pay between $50 and $100 U.S. for a tattoo that is about two by two square inches.

For custom work, most artists usually charge by the hour. It is highly recommended that you bring your template or design with you so that the artist can give you an accurate estimation of how long the work will take. Rates for custom tattoos go anywhere from $50 and $300 U.S. an hour. Although price doesn't always dictate the excellence of the artist, you are probably best ensured to receive a tattoo that you are satisfied with by choosing an artist that charges $150 an hour or more.

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