Celestial Stars Planets and Suns

Depictions of the planets and stars and their symbols are very common motifs in tattoo art. Perhaps one of the most famous planetary glyphs and symbols is the symbol for Mars and Venus that is interlinked. This mark symbolizes the eternal dance between male and female energies.

Venus Symbol Tattoos

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The sun is a motif from early childhood that represents glory, achievement, wealth, love and prosperity. The moon is an occult symbol symbolizing the subconscious, intuition, sexual and esoteric mysteries and the mysterious forces of the supernatural. The planet mercury symbolizes the Roman God of communication and the creative arts. Venus represents love, Mars represents war and Saturn represents discipline and the acceptance of one's lot in life.

Each of the planets in the solar system also has its own equivalence to the Western Zodiac symbols. For instance, a glyph of Venus or depiction of the planet is appropriate for those born under the signs of Libra or Taurus. The glyphs for the astrological symbols also make wonderful tattoos, especially if you are sick of people using "what's your sign?" as a pick up line.

Egyptian Moon Tattoowww.artsagredo.com"/>
"Evil Moon" tattoo, courtesy of Enrique Patino Bottino www.artsagredo.com

Stars are often encountered as esoteric symbols, and the meaning of any particular star symbol depends upon its number of points. The five-pointed pentagram is a powerful symbol of protection and balance. It represents the human figure and is connected to pagan and Wiccan traditions.

Number The Stars Symbols

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The six-pointed hexagram is a potent symbol of the interaction of the Divine with the mortal, of God with Humankind. It is linked to the Kabbalah and is often called the Star of David

The septagram or seven-pointed star is a symbol of integration and the mystical due to its links with the number seven. It is associated with the seven planets of classical astrology and to other seven-fold systems, such as the Hindu chakras.

The octagram or eight-pointed star is a symbol of fullness and regeneration. It is related to eight-fold systems such as trigrams of the I Ching, the pagan wheel of the year and the Ogdoad of ancient Egypt.

The nonagram or nine-pointed star is a symbol of achievement and of stability, though this is a stability that is subject to change. It can also be related to nine-fold systems, such as the nine Taoist kanji.l

Hanan Tattoowww.artfultattoo.dyns.net"/>
The moon kisses the sun in this charming tattoo by Tim Hananwww.artfultattoo.dyns.net

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