Cartoon and Animated Characters

Stock cartoon images that are licensed for the express purposes of tattooing are now big business in North America. On the Internet one can now purchase images of Betty Boop, Scooby Doo, Mickey Mouse, Batman, Spiderman, Superman, the Tasmanian Devil, Babar the Elephant, Nemo and just about any other animated character you can imagine.

Anime action figures, which most of us are familiar with from manga cartoons are also big business in the tattoo industry and feature such popular characters as Hello Kitty, Emily and Sailor Moon.

Of course, tons of individuals have bypassed the licensing procedure and gotten their own personalized versions of these cartoon characters. Cartoon characters in sinful positions is also a popular motif in tattooing and are often used as a creative way to express one's vices to the world.

Caricatures and cartoons have always been an integral style in tattooing, beginning with the invention of animation itself in the 1920s when cartoons of Betty Boop and the stick-figured Mickey Mouse were popular with sailors visiting New York.

Mostly however, any portrait or figure can be made into a cartoon as is demonstrated by Enrique Patino and Stacy Sharp's examples below.

Mouse Tattooing

Cartoon coyote by Enrique Patino Bottino

Cartoon Turtles

Cartoon turtles courtesy of Stacey Sharp

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