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On the lighter side of the "bug" motif in tattooing are butterflies and dragonflies.

Butterflies are popular because they represent inspiration, freedom and transformation. The three phases of the butterfly's life symbolize the three cycles of life (birth, death and rebirth) in just about every culture. In Native American Indian cultures the Monarch butterfly represents safe journeys thanks to the insect's ability to fly thousands of miles during its annual migration season. In some pagan and Celtic traditions, butterflies are thought to carry the spirits of the deceased to heaven. Butterflies are a very popular motif with women.

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Dragonflies are truly magical creatures whose shiny bodies and luminescent wings make a great uni-sex tattoo. Dragonflies are a symbol of harmony, luck and ancient knowledge. They are also thought to bring prophetic dreams and protect against nightmares.

On the darker side of things are spiders. Spiders are a popular Goth, biker, pagan and punk symbol. In Greek myth the spider was associated with the Greek Goddess Ariadne who was responsible for magic and myth making.

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