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Purists would say that a tattoo is not a true biker tattoos unless it contains the Harley Davidson logo. Although the Harley Davidson symbols are pretty much the same, many of them are dressed up with other symbols such as jaguars, eagles, feathers, skulls, dragons, bats, flames and hot babes.

Many bikers simply opt to get a photo of their custom chopper tattooed on their arm. Often those into customizing choppers will boast tattoos of nuts and bolts, screws, wheel hubs and other motorcycle parts on their bodies. The wheel of a bike or the bike itself roaring in a bouquet of flames is a very popular image.

A typical "Harley" biker tattoo dressed up with

Patriotic and Native American references

Three dots found anywhere on the body are a common indicator of a biker tattoo as is the use of Old English Goth script.

Although weapons and anti-authoritarian statements are also common to biker tattoos, many of them are surprisingly complacent and involve the usual roses, poker hands, tributes to Mom and flaming skulls that are seen adorning the body parts of non-bikers.

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