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Although any image can be tattooed onto your body, some of them might look better on paper than they do on your skin. In general a big, bold simple image is clearer than a tiny, detailed image. Bigger images simply have more impact.

American tattooist Walt Dailey sums up the "bigger is better" issue by saying "A beautiful, big, fierce bear head design just looks like an angry hamster's face when you shrink it down."

When it comes to tattoos "bigger is better." If you find yourself looking at an array of complex designs full of curlicues, landscapes and portraits you might also want to recall the KISS rule used by American astronauts "KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID." Remember you can always add elaborations to your tattoo later if you are not satisfied with a simple design.

An example of the bold and beautiful look. Courtesy of Rueben "Rue"

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