Machine Yoke

A Machine Yoke is the part of the machine that the coils bolt to. Some machines have thicker frames to accommodate this and some have a separate piece of metal that fits between the frame and coils. The idea is a thick piece of metal to connect the power of the coils. Think of the coil heads power as a percentage. You have two coils, each with a north and a south. Think as if each coil is a stick magnet. It has the capacity to pull one-hundred percent of its power, so north is fifty percent and south is fifty percent. This means that each coil has a north and a south so with the two coils combined you have a two hundred percent possibility of power. The tops of the coils are where your armature bar is attracted to so without a Yoke you can only achieve one hundred percent of power, fifty percent from each coil. With a yoke, you turn your coils that are basically stick magnets into a single horseshoe magnet. This connects the two and makes a single much stronger magnet. For the best performance you want the frame base and the machine yoke combined to be the same thickness as the coil shaft.

Magnetism is a really cool part of physics. What makes a metal object magnetic is nickel, or the alignment of the particles of the nickel. This is why stainless steel (316 LVM steel) is not attracted to magnets, it has a low volume of nickel. Most people assume that metals like gold and surgical steel have no nickel but the only metals that have no nickel are platinum, palladium, and titanium. Low nickel metal is the result of annealed metal. Annealing is the controlled heating and cooling of metal to make it more flexible. During this process most of the nickel content is removed form the metal. Magnetism is achieved one way, by lining up the particles of a piece of metal so they all go in one direction. You can take a strong magnet and rub it on a piece of metal in one direction so the pull of the magnet lines up the particles of metal in the not magnetized piece. This will make an ordinary piece of metal lightly magnetized. The more you do this the more it's magnetized.

Electro-magnetic coils like the ones found in a tattoo machine are pieces of metal wrapped in wire all going the same direction. As the electric current circulates through the wire the particles of the metal are forced to follow the path of electricity causing them to line up in the same direction. This electric current forces the metal shaft to become magnetic. The north and the south of the magnet are determined by the direction of the flowing electricity. The beginning of the current or where the current came from is the south and the north is the other end or where it's going. This is why the polarity of an electromagnet will change if you reverse the connection of the power source and why a tattoo machine will work not matter which way you attach the clip cord. No matter the polarity it's still magnetic.

The magnetic energy is flowing from one coil through the Yoke and frame to the other coil. Now one top coil head will be the north and the other the south. Like a horseshoe magnet the top heads only are magnetic so much more force can pull on the armature bar making a stronger stroke. Now each head has a one-hundred percent pull and a combined effort of two hundred percent. This is why only the heads are magnetic and not the sides with the screws on them. This makes for a much more powerful machine. Machines with an actual yoke or a thicker base plate will always be stronger than a thin framed machine without a yoke. Also the strength of the stroke or magnetic pull will be affected by the type of metal the machine is made of. Copper is much more conductive than aluminum so the copper machine will have a stronger pull.

Thumb Screw

Hole for Front Binding Post

Hole for Front Binding Post

Tattoo Machine Yoke

Coil Holes

Hole for Rear Binding Post

Spring Saddle

Tube Vice

Tube Vice


Front Binding Hole

Rear Binding Hole

Coil Holes

Tube Vice ¡Side


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