Sadly, the advance tickets are now off sale but that doesn't stop you from just turning up at the door. We have a bevy of Jazz beauties waiting to greet you with a smile and welcome you to the show.

On the Day Tickets:

Weekend 2 Day Pass £36.00 Saturday Single DayTicket £20.00 Sunday Single Day Ticket £20.00


1-Day Pass, Seminars, Workshops & Tattoo Masters' Ball £35.00 Artist 3-Day Pass, Seminars, Workshops &. Tattoo Masters' Ball £65.00

Artist Tickets

To buy artist tickets on tile door please remember to bring along proof of identification - either your health registration certificate or business card and letterhead, along with your filled out artist ticket order form. (PLEASE NOTE: By attending Tattoo Jam it means that you have agreed to the site policies, event ethos and terms and conditions. Thank you for your co-operation in making this a safe, friendly and fun event; we look forward to welcoming you).

This year is going to be bigger, better, more i fun and a show that is | guaranteed to keep you smiling until next year! Come join in the fun at TattooJam 2010! www. ta ttoojam

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