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Dear Skin Deep,

I have just finished flicking through my copy of Issue 186 and after reading Tattooing and Self Harm1 felt compelled to write in, which is very unlike me.

I was absolutely horrified that there are people in the world that associate tattooing with self-harm. I know and understand that it's a personal choice whether to get tattooed or not, and there are people who will never understand why anyone would choose to mark themselves for life, or as some refer to it as 'scarring yourself for life'. I wonder if it is these people that associate tattooing with self-harm? After reading the article I spoke to a few people about their opinions and none of them agreed with it, but then again, they were all tattooed!

I myself have tattoos, and I self-harm, I think the reason I personally was so upset by the association of the two, is that my self-harming is something about myself that I absolutely cannot stand. I don't even fully understand the reasons why I do it, but if I could stop I would. I look at the scars that I've created and cringe every time I see them. Self-tiarming for me is the only way I can cope with the pain I feel inside.

My tattoos on the other hand, well,Icantstop staring at them! I see them as a beautiful addition to my body, something of which I am immensely proud of. In fact, one day I hope to cover up my self-iiarming scats with beautiful tattoos.

Is it because you are purposefully causing yourself pain whilst getting a tattoo that the two are associated? I think most tattooed folk would agree it's not the pain that gets them back in for their next ink fix, it's the end result, whereas the opposite could be said for self harming.

Anyway, these are just my thoughts! I just wanted to say as a person who has experienced both that for me the two will never ever be interlinked. Thanks for another great issue and definitely a thought-provoking piece! Big love xxx Alex


HI, Just a quick letter. I started reading Skin Deep last year and now subscribe. I'm so glad I do because now at the beginning of each month, I get in from work and there's my copy of Skin Deep waiting for me, wliich is so much better than the usual bills, I f***ing love Skin Deep magazine! Cheers. Adge Williams via [email protected]

G :: liP

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