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Andy Bowler and the rest of the Monki Do tattoo studio have finally outgrown their studio and as such, have moved lock stock and barrel to a new premises to: 57 Chapel Street, Belper, Derbyshire. By the time you read this, the new studio will have had its official opening and hopefully the hangovers will have abated, offering you some superb tattoo work from both Andy and Mark. The contact details are still the same 01773 821666, email [email protected].

Monki Hair

vintage rocks!

Nestling quietly but confidently in a leafy suburb of vibrant South Belfast is a very special little place owned and run with love by a very special lady.

Clare Afshar is the owner and head stylist of Vintage Rocks Hair Parlour, The walls are awash with Gil Elvgien pin-ups, the floor is eye-catching with its black and white tiling, and the furniture evoking 17th century French luxury is most inviting. "1 guess since an early age I have been interested in glamour, how beautiful girls and guys look in old movies, throughout history and in music" beams Clare. Clare wasted no time in pursuing her dream and started, rather prodigiously, at a Beauty School in Los Angeles at the tender age of 14. By 17 years old she had graduated and travelled to Northern Ireland in 1995.

She opened Vintage Rocks in August 2009 with a very simple mission "I wanted to be able to own a place where I could make women feel sexy, and somewhere that they would come for an experience." Their website and Facebook pages are festooned with positive comments from a litany of beautiful and very happy ladies sporting incredibly glamorous styles, and even a few guys too.

This is in no way describable as an ordinary hair salon; the moment you enter, you are whisked back to an era of screen sirens, of old Hollywood glamour and of leading man charm, Clare and her staff at Vintage Rocks live and breathe vintage style and rock and roll attitude. "I'm here and I'm loving it," she exclaims proudly. "Every time I walk into this place, I smile: it's got a sweet vibe."

Specialising in colouring, cutting and creative styling from beautiful natural highlights to glamorous Hollywood pin curls, each hair service combines both glamour and decadence. And for the gents.,, offering men's cutting and styling with a rock 'n' roll flair.

Clare prides herself in getting out and about and working with various artists and photographers. Vintage Rocks has brought mini parlours to such diverse locations as bike rallies, Burlesque Shows, independent trade markets, bluegrass festivals and gala balls. And she has bigger plans to come. So keep an eye out, you might just see the Vintage Rocks Crew somewhere along the way. www. vin tageiockshaiipazlour. com

Life Moves Fast Tattoo Issue 188

28.2930TH eJAN 2011

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