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In the Ink 'n' Iron convention report in issue 186,1 credited a tattoo to Tom mi at No Regrets, it should have gone to Kev at 2 Guns, Darlaston, Birmingham. Also on page 59 was a lovely black and grey Mark Ryden-inspired tattoo was credited to Amanda West when it should have read jammes @ Woody's Tattoos, High Wycombe, Sorry for any confusion caused.

clothing from the darkside!

Derby-based clothing company Darkside Clothing are an alternative fashion company that specialises in high quality, well-designed apparel for those with a bit of dark humour about them. Ethically sourced and sweat shop free, the products are of the highest quality and the range includes t-shirts, hoodies, ieans, tops, skirts, baby clothes and much more. Darkside are continually working "with some of the most acclaimed graphic artists in the world to bring you the best of the best in terms of merchandise that is available in the UK and Europe. Darkside have informed us that they now have their range stocked in many tattoo studios up and down the country. Check out their website for more information on thier entire clothing range at: www. darksideclothing. com


If you like the feature on Mick Js work starting on page 30 you may be interested to hear that as part of Blue Dragon's 21st anniversary they have opened a new studio called Alley Cats Tattoo Parlour in Haywards Heath in the heart of West Sussex.

For more information on the artists working at Alley Cats go to: www. alleyca tstaitoo.

Alleycats Tattoo Parlour, Haywards Heath, West Sussex. RH16 3AS Tel; 01444440353 www.bluediagon

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