Step Five Adjusting The Armature

The armature bar is also in part responsible for the depth of the throw, as the farther you pull the arm bar out, the more it has to move and the farther it will, simple laws of leverage. The trick is getting it just right-some are more adjustable than others, as some are longer, some are pretty much machined to be exactly right (or so they assume) and not really adjustable. The arm bar does need to make full coverage of the tops of the coils' cores, as repeated impacts will eventually make depressions in the steel-for this reason it is important to get it set in the right spot and have it stay there, because it developes a kind of "memory" to that machine and specifically those coils at THAT height and spring tension etc. First, adjust the arm. bar with the arm. spring post on the frame. The farther out you adjust your armature bar the more throw you will have.

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It also needs to be centered over the tube-hole (see photos)

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Once you have the arm bar in the right spot, snug up the arm post screw and loosen the arm contact spring screw-this will make your arm bar screwy again, so don't be alarmed. From the front line up the contact spring with the contact point directly under the screw, then from the side pull it out until the angle of the spring is aligned with the angle of the contact screw-adjust the contact screw's angle if necessary. The appropriate angle varies from one machine to the next, but it is roughly 50-55 degrees. Once again, align the arm. bar from the front, the side should be correct but check to make sure, adjust the contact screw and snug up the contact spring screw. If the contact spring is skewed from the angle of the arm bar that is okay, as long as the arm bar is aligned over the coils correctly and the contact spring makes a good connection to the contact screw at a proper angle.

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From the side, make sure the contact spring and screw line up..round off the end of the contact spring for a better fit and connection.

Adjusting Tatoo Machines
It this image, notice that the armature bar is aligned, but the contact point on the contact spring is off-centered to the right of the contact screw...this is also incorrect and will wear down the points on both the screw and the spring in an awkward manner.
Proper Tattooing Angle

Notice in this image that the contact spring is off-center from the armature bar, yet it is aligned with the contact screw and the armature bar aligned with the tops of the coils-this is the correct position. Not every machine will tune off-centered like this, but it is best to illustrate this possibility to assure you that even if it looks funny like this, this is the correct position.

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