How To Tune Tattoo Machines

How To Best Set Up & Tune Your Tattoo Machines

This tattoo eBook is very detailed and has a lot of information, which made it awesome to read. It covers everything you need to get started the correct way to tattoo machine building and tuning! Are you having troubles setting up your machine? Do you know the steps it takes to make your gun run smoothly? Do you know the different ways for setting up your tattoo machines? Wish you knew more about tattoo gun set up? If you answered yes to any of those questions above then you have found the right site to help you gain the confidents to be a better tattoo artist! Save time from trial and error. There is one diagram showing all the parts of tattoo machine and you will find descriptions for all the parts. You will be shown 3 of the Best setups for Liner and Shade/Color Introducing Knowing and Tuning Tattoo Machines.

How To Best Set Up & Tune Your Tattoo Machines Overview


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Author: Tim B. Miller
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Should I Bend Tattoo Machine Front Spring

Tattoo Machine Tuning Guide

Lie back and dream of me, red death to set you free we'll turn the The contact screw runs through the upper binding post. It makes contact with the front spring. The point where this contact screw makes contact on the front spring will change a machine's performance. It is an important co-factor in the setting and adjusting of the distance the armature bar will travel the stroke , by, among other things, acting as a limiter for the front spring, so it must be tightened or loosened in...