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Covers everything you need to get started the Correct Way to tattoo machine building and tuning! Are you having troubles setting up your machine? = Do you know the steps it takes to make your gun run smoothly? = Do you know the different ways for setting up your tattoo machines? = Wish you knew more about tattoo gun set up? If you answered yes to any of those questions above then you have found the right site to help you gain the confidents to be a better tattoo artist! Save time from trial and error. 1 Diagram showing all the parts of tattoo machine. Parts and Descriptions for all the parts. 3 of the Best set ups for Liner and Shade/Color Introducing Knowing and Tuning Tattoo Machines....[more here]

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Setting Machines

Keeping your equipment running smoothly is very important and takes more than just a little luck. You have to understand all aspects of the machines and how to tune them. One of your duties will be to check the contact points on a regular basis. Keep the points and the contact screws in good shape so they will make good ' contact. To set the points, be sure they are first clean and smooth, A point file can be used to flatten the surfaces if either one of them is burned or pitted Silver points...

Frame Alterations

Winder Coils Tattoo

Side arm could be slightly bent in or out Side arm can be slightly bent side to side. Tension is achieved by the rear spring. Remove needle bar and holding machine in left hand by the tube, depress armature bar with left thumb and ease it upwards until contacts meet. There should be enough tension so you c amp n see the front spring rise a little more when contacts meet and you release your thumb - then you've got it right. You can buy a gauge from a tattoo supply house to duplicate this same...


Tissue Paper Around Hand Finger

Outlining by itself just might be the single most important aspect of a good tattoo It lakesspecial attention and concentration while performing. A cleancut line done with confidence displays professionalism and is he solid fountlati. ,n for a great tattoo. The world's greatest foundation is useless if the bricks are faulty, and the greatest quality outline is onlyas good as the pattern. In other words, as Important as good outlining is. the outline itself isonly as go. las the line on the...


Trinity Savage Lauderdale Bartender

Maritime Tattoo Festival Halifax, Nova Scotia The Forum Information Hell City Tattoo Fest Let It Bleed Killumbus, Ohio Hyatt Regency Downtown Hotel Reservations 614-263-1234 Information www.hellcity.com Northern Ink Xposure Toronto, Canada Toronto Hilton Information www.tattoos.com nix Alamo City Tattoo Show San Antonio, Texas Live Oak Civic Center Information APT Tattoo Rendezvous Kansas City, Missouri Embassy Suites, Tiffany Springs Hotel Reservations 816-891-7788 Information 407-831-5549...

Step Five Adjusting The Armature

Adjust Armature Bar Tattoo

The armature bar is also in part responsible for the depth of the throw, as the farther you pull the arm bar out, the more it has to move and the farther it will, simple laws of leverage. The trick is getting it just right-some are more adjustable than others, as some are longer, some are pretty much machined to be exactly right or so they assume and not really adjustable. The arm bar does need to make full coverage of the tops of the coils' cores, as repeated impacts will eventually make...

Biomech Stencil Tattoo

Biomech Curve Tattoo

In the next session, we shade the facets with a 7 mag Fig. 2.6.V , working with very diluted washes and using quick oval movements, then dipping into a stronger wash and using smaller ovals as we come closer to the edge that we're pulling the shading up against. We then sharpen the edges with the three Fig. 2.6.W , using a slightly stronger wash to make the edge crisper. Healed, the grey loses about 40 of its darkness, which is normal, along with all of the red Fig. 2.6.X . Fig. 2.6. V Fig....

Alan Dixon


Jobs Wanted

I am a 26 year-old male living in the west Yorkshire area. I have worked in a well-established tattoo studio, as an apprentice and now that I'm fully trained I'm looking for a more responsible role. I have a natural artistic ability, so I tend to do lots of free hand tattoos and original artwork, I specialise in realistic black and gray work but do enjoy colour work and the more traditional tattoos. I see myself as a very polite, responsible, friendly and hard working individual. I have no drug...

Eikon Tattoo Machines

Tattoo Machine Feeler Gauge

See saw up and down, around and around we 2 steel springs in our application , when bent, serve 2 main functions 1 They create a resistance to the 'downward' pull that the coils exert on the armature bar, by pulling the armature bar in the opposite 'upward' direction rear spring amp 2 Control the speed front spring and force the armature assembly will bounce back after making contact with the contact screw to the coil with the aid of the coil's magnetic pull . Springs usually are used in pairs...

Tattoo Coil Capacitor

Tattoo Coil Wire

my insulation's gone you make me overload For a machine to function properly, or just to function at all, it is mandatory to understand the importance of insulation. The flow of the current through the machine's wires must be restricted to the wires only, and anything that comes in direct contact with the wires or wire terminals-- the upper and lower binding posts for example, need direct contact with the terminals. Exposed wires should never touch the frame or coil post, this will only ground...

Tattoo Machine Expanded View

Tattoo Machine Components Exploded View

Screws- all screws below should be stocked in 8-32, 10-24 if your machine uses 6-32 screws, stock those as well. Always have larger ones on hand along with taps and dyes in case a 6-32 threaded hole becomes stripped in which case a larger hole can be drilled and re-tapped to accommodate a 8-32 screw. The same goes for upgrading an 8-32 threading to a 10-24 threading. Also, these can be bought for cosmetic reasons-there are stainless button head screws, black zinc finishes.brass. A variety of...

Tattoo Machine Frame Construction

Tattoo Machine Made Wood

he comes well prepared squared off, 8 corners, 90 degree angles, flat top snake eyes, block head Having a solid base to secure the machine's components is the basic function of the tattoo machine frame. The rigidity of the tattoo machine frame is the most important quality of a frame, so the material used in it's construction must be considered. There are many materials that fit the rigidity requirements besides metals. Plastics, composites, even wood are acceptable. There are other reasons...

Ancient Egypt It Was Probably Cleopatra

Cleopatra Tattoo

Pattern work but it's done in a totally different way, and 1 love it. It's his, you can see his stuff from a mile. Absolutely love it. Erm other people , mean obviously Bob Tyrrell, you've gotta love his stuff as it's just brilliantly done. Joshua Carlton, really unusual approach to things. Almost kind of like watercolour But with a real depth in there, really nice. Who else There's so many coming out aren't there. I HAD A PHONE AIL YESIIBOAY FROM SOMEONE ASKING TO SEND PHOTOGRAPHS INTO SKIN...

Machines and Power Sources

Tattoo Gun Wiring Diagram

It is often said that a machine is no better than the person operating it. This can also be applied to tattoo machines. A tattooist must have confidence with his machines and must learn to run them properly, not have them run him. Tattoo machines may vary in appearance but they all run basically the same, and perform the same function, driving a needle up and down very fast, perforating the skin and driving ink in as the operator steers it along while leaving a trail behind. This is done when...

How To Attach Eikon Tattoo Coils To Capacitors

Tattoo Machine Feeler Gauge

I got a dream machine from the promised land, got a 71 First, there are 3 main component assemblies which must be assembled prior to their attachment to the machine frame. These include the Coil assembly, the armature bar spring assembly and the 2 binding post assemblies. Below are lists of parts needed for each assembly, instructions and illustrations on assembly procedures. Parts tools needed for coil assembly 2 flat tab terminals optional 1 axial capacitor see suggested capacitance...

Should I Bend Tattoo Machine Front Spring

Tattoo Machine Measurements

Lie back and dream of me, red death to set you free we'll turn the The contact screw runs through the upper binding post. It makes contact with the front spring. The point where this contact screw makes contact on the front spring will change a machine's performance. It is an important co-factor in the setting and adjusting of the distance the armature bar will travel the stroke , by, among other things, acting as a limiter for the front spring, so it must be tightened or loosened in...

Awg 24 Gauge Copper Wire For Tattoo Coils

Tattoo Machine Frame Measurement

An electromagnetic tattoo machine is assembled with a pair of electromagnetic coils and a reciprocating armature bar. This is a what visually and functionally characterizes the electromagnetic tattoo machine and separates it operationally from a rotary machine, or a pneumatic machine. We all know that the coils are the main machine part responsible for attracting the armature bar which holds the needle bar with it's attached needle groupings, and forces the down ward motion which make the...

How To Cut Out A Tattoo Machine Frame

Tattoo Spring Tension Gauge

I said do you feel it when you cut me well alright Springs can be purchased from almost any tattoo supplier in the thickness you may need, to the tune of 5.00- 10.00 dollars a pair. A 12 length of feeler gauge stock runs between 1.00- 2.00. It can be ordered through specialized hardware stores. Starrett is a good brand. 3-4 pairs of springs can be cut out of one 12 length, and not only is it economical, the spring shapes and widths are yours to control and modify until you find the perfect...

Starting a Tattoo

How Far Should Tattoo Needle Stick Out

Lining a tattoo is one of the more difficult things to do properly. Most artists just assume you tattoo over the purple. This is true but it's like saying you just step on the gas and clutch to drive a standard transmition vehicle. To properly line a tattoo you have to choose your weapon of choice. Lining will most often be a five round or an eight round. Look at the original picture and see if the line work is a thick line or a thin one. Thinner lines need a five while thinker takes an eight....

Machine Tuning

Setup Machine Tattoo With Nickel

Machine tuning is hands down the most important thing you will need to know about machines themselves. I can't tell you how many times I have heard someone say, I don't need to know how to tune a machine. I just use it out of the box and its fine. This kills me. If you are going to operate any kind of tool you need to know how to do so properly. The theory behind tuning your machine is to get the machine running as smooth as possible. The less vibration the easier operation will be. If you want...

Bugpin Needles For Tattoo Advantages

How You Roll Tattoo Machine Springs

In the tattooing industry, the individual needles are referred to as pins. There are a few different types of pins, and each configuration again, does something different. The needles used in tattoo originated from bug pins, sewing machine needles, and beading needles. Each of these of these types have different tips and sharpness. The most common metal used for tattooing is 304 stainless steel wire with a diameter of .33mm to .36mm and an average length of 30mm, each type can be polished or...

Step Four Tensioning The Springs

Tattoo Spring High Tension

This is where it gets a little tricky-this is something that can only be specifically explained with expensive and obscure spring-tensioning tools and meters, so you'll just have to feel this one out. Slide the armature bar onto the arm. post sideways and snug the screw. Looking at it from the side, pull the arm bar back and bend the spring enough to keep the arm. bar off of the coils but below the contact post. Looking at it from the side, pull the arm bar back and bend the spring enough to...

Step Two Shimming The Coils

Measures Tattoo Machines

For this step you should have a brand new armature spring that you keep crisp and straight-if you do not have that you can make something out of a striaght sheet of metal that is thick enough not to bend out of shape. The point of this is to attach the armature bar to the frame in the lowest possible position that the arm. bar is ever going to get-which is parallel horizontally to the armature post on the rear of your machine-and for it not to move. It should look like this. Once attached, with...

Direction Of Current On Tattoo Machine

Tattoo Machines Capacitor

Electricity runs through my blood like dogs, man if you could see it capacitor is defined as 2 conducting surfaces separated from each other by insulating material such as air, oil, paper, glass or ceramic. Capacitors are capable of storing electrical energy. In some cases, a capacitor will block direct current and allow alternating or pulsating current to pass. This is our use. An electrolytic axial capacitor visually consists of a cylinder with a wire protruding from each end, like a fire...

Shop Tattoo Machine In Canada

Grinding Tattoo Machine Frame

This book is an invaluable resource for any tattoo aritst who considers himself professional, modern and self sufficcient. It is a definitive work which clarifies and demystifies the science of the tattoo machine. In time, the I'm sure that the information contained in this book will become an industry standard. Like the Godoys say, There is no room for lies, magic or superstition when it comes to tattoo machines, this is science, you either know it or you don't. That's exactly what this book...

What Springs Do I Use For A Tattoo Liner

Tattoo Machine Spring Tension

Take my word, I got a method that'll make me king Spring tension test-push down the armature bar, release the tension slowly until the front spring makes contact with the contact screw and stops, the armature bar should continue to move very slightly before it stops. The front spring should flex, the armature bar should move about 1 32 -to just under 1 16 of an inch. Any more than this and you may have too much tension on that rear spring. This is assuming that you have a front spring of the...

Rubber Band Tension On Tattoo

Tattoo Machine Exploded View

Machine Assembly Check list, Tuning, Troubleshooting When you've got crossed wires, everything's buzz buzz, everything's beep beep Re-check the parallelism of the armature bar to yoke. Do this by pushing the armature bar onto the tops of the coils p. 54 , press down on the armature bar itself NOT by pushing the front spring as this will change the tension of that spring, if it is not parallel, make corrections- shims, filing etc. This machine was a reward from a manufacturer because the...

Machine Yoke

Tattoo Machine Yoke

A Machine Yoke is the part of the machine that the coils bolt to. Some machines have thicker frames to accommodate this and some have a separate piece of metal that fits between the frame and coils. The idea is a thick piece of metal to connect the power of the coils. Think of the coil heads power as a percentage. You have two coils, each with a north and a south. Think as if each coil is a stick magnet. It has the capacity to pull one-hundred percent of its power, so north is fifty percent and...

Step One Attaching the Coils

Tattoo Coil Soldering

The first thing that needs to be done is attaching the coils. You should have cleaned all of the pieces of your machine in advance. If you need to solder anything it should look like this The capacitor in this picture is a 35mf, however you can use up to 150mf, I would suggest using between 75-100mf personally. Once you have it wired correctly with the correct connectors on, first attatch the positive post like so The Red represents the current flowing through the way it should. Now you have to...


Armature Bar Tattoo

Machine frames are made out of cast iron, copper, brass, bronze, stainless steel, and aluminum. Each weighs differently and each has a different level of electrical conductivity which affects the strength of your machine. The weight of your machine will come from the frame so you need to decide what kind of machine you will be running. Cast iron frames are molten metal poured into a cast for the shape. Cast iron machines are made of one piece while machines that the side arm is attached with...